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Elisabeth Leamy is an 11-time Emmy award-winner.Elisabeth Leamy is available to speak to groups. She can develop a high-energy presentation for your organization. Elisabeth will incorporate clips from her Emmy award-winning television work and sign copies of The Savvy Consumer, upon request. In addition to being comfortable in front of the camera, Elisabeth is a former instructor of public speaking at the University of California at Berkeley. Elisabeth tailors her comments for each audience. Here are a few examples:

Students: Learn how to consume warily, invest wisely and retire early. All by starting young!

Newlyweds: As you set up your household together, avoid the financial pitfalls that cause couples to fight.

Seniors: Con artists are looking for you. Learn how to spot them first. Revenge is sweet!

Consumers: Learn to be a savvy consumer. Saving money is just as good as making money!

Consumer advocates: Get more press attention for your cause! How to make the media listen.

Businesses: Has an investigative reporter targeted your firm unfairly? Develop coping strategies.

Associations: Bad apples in your industry can ruin it for honest, hardworking businesses. Shun them!


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