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Consumer Quiz

Take this consumer quiz to see if you're a Savvy Consumer:

  1. When you buy a car, you have three days to return it.

  2. When you hire a mover, you can always expect to pay the quoted price or higher.

  3. If you receive a coupon to have 5 rooms of carpeting cleaned for $25 bucks, that's a good deal.

  4. Your chances of winning a publisher's sweepstakes increase if you buy a magazine.

  5. Alarm companies are required to monitor your alarm and call the police if it goes off.

  6. When you're remodeling, it's a good idea to apply for building permits yourself to save money.

  7. When a telemarketer calls, you should say "take me off your list."

  8. When you lease a car, the monthly payment is fixed, not negotiable.

  9. If you are behind on your debts, collection agents have a right to call you and you can't stop them.

  10. When you donate to charity, your money must be used for the cause.

  11. You should hire a personal trainer certified by the government to make sure he or she is qualified.

  12. Your credit score is the same with every financial institution and it doesn't change.

  13. It's a good idea to let savings bonds mature as long as possible.

  14. Kids who sell candy on the street are usually raising money for sports teams or anti-drug programs.

  15. You can hold on to gift cards as long as you want and use them when you're ready.

  16. If you receive unsolicited merchandise in the mail, you have to return it.

  17. A "lemon" is an unreliable used car.

  18. Junk mail is a fact of life in America. There is no way to reduce the amount you get.

  19. If your bank asks you to withdraw money to catch a crooked bank employee, you should cooperate.

  20. The Better Business Bureau is the government agency that helps consumers.

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Copyright 2004 Elisabeth Leamy