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Part V » Chapter 28: Picking Your Prescriptions
Page 295:

Go home and get online to research the prices of the different drugs on your short list. Two incredibly helpful websites are RXaminer.com and DestinationRX.com.
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Page 298:

To make sure you are just getting a new generic and not the wrong medicine, you can look at a picture of the medicine at DestinationRX.com.
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In five minutes you can research the cost of different strengths of pills at a website like RXaminer.com or DestinationRX.com. The two sites are corporate relatives, but organized differently. Choose the one that makes sense to you.

Page 301:

On his website, HowToSaveOnDrugs.com, Jardini has created a great table he calls the “Expensive Drug Survival Index.”
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Page 303:

The website DestinationRX.com lists prices at both online pharmacies and brick and mortar pharmacies.
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Page 304:

You can also purchase prescriptions at Costco.com and I have noticed the web prices are very competitive as well.
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Look into drug discount cards. They allow you to purchase approved drugs for 15 to 40-percent off. The Together RX Access card is the broadest, offering close to 300 brand name meds plus a pile of generics from several different manufacturers.
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Page 307:

Pparx.org Pharma, the trade organization for the pharmaceutical industry has a great clearinghouse service called the Partnership for Prescription Assistance. This program will link you with the maker of your drug.
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Page 308:

The website www.HealthProponent.com offers a service called “ Health Cost Estimator.” The service helps you shop around for medical procedures.
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Page 309:

MyMedLab.com claims it can save customers up to 75-percent off of regular lab prices.
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Another online lab with a high Better Business Bureau rating as of this writing is PrivateMDLabs.com.
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