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Elisabeth Leamy is a 13-time Emmy award-winner.The fact that there are so many synonyms for "scam" should tell you something. For consumers, danger lurks around every corner --and every cash register. So don't spend another dime until you read the book The Savvy Consumer by 13-time Emmy award-winner Elisabeth Leamy. As a long-time consumer and investigative reporter, Elisabeth has exposed fraudulent deals that cost customers thousands. She's confronted con artists and put criminals behind bars. In other words, she's seen it all — so you don't have to!

The Savvy Consumer shows readers how to spar with car salesmen, how to avoid paying crooked mechanics, and ways to bargain down closing costs when you buy a house. Elisabeth explains how to keep a mover from holding your belongings hostage and what your rights are if you're a renter. She reveals the single step that makes collection agents go away and easy ways you can instantly improve your credit score. Want to find unclaimed money? Bid for bargains at a government auction? Make telemarketers stop calling and junk mail stop coming? Do you know what the most common scams are and how to avoid them? It's all in The Savvy Consumer, along with more than a hundred other topics that can save you thousands of dollars.

Elisabeth's scam-busting, money-saving knowledge is packed into 328 pages and published by Capital Books. The book is organized so that you never have to read more than a couple pages to get the essentials you need on a particular topic. Elisabeth tells you the signs to look out for, the questions to ask, how to do your homework, and where to complain.

In January 2010 Elisabeth’s second book, SAVE BIG: Cut Your Top 5 Costs and Save Thousands” was published. It’s all about how to save tens of thousands of dollars on the big stuff instead of giving up your daily latte and life’s other little pleasures. (Click here for more information)


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