Broadcaster and Columnist Elisabeth Leamy Available for Interviews

Money-Saving Expert, Consumer Watchdog Can Comment for Your Story

Journalists often reach out to me when they need to interview a knowledgeable, colorful money saving expert or consumer watchdog. (See past articles featuring Elisabeth) I’m happy to help with print, online, television, radio or other pieces. Please contact me here to get in touch, stating your topic, deadline and even your questions, if you like. I am usually able to respond quickly. Here’s a downloadable headshot and downloadable image of my latest book cover:

Headshot AND Save Big Cover


How should I refer to Elisabeth in my story?

Depending on what works for your topic, please refer to me using one or more of the following Titles and Venues:


  • Money Saving Expert Elisabeth Leamy
  • Money Expert Elisabeth Leamy
  • Personal finance expert Elisabeth Leamy
  • Finance expert Elisabeth Leamy
  • Consumer advocate Elisabeth Leamy
  • Consumer Watchdog Elisabeth Leamy
  • Consumer expert Elisabeth Leamy
  • Broadcaster Elisabeth Leamy
  • TV Personality Elisabeth Leamy
  • Money Columnist Elisabeth Leamy
  • Money author Elisabeth Leamy
  • Personal finance author Elisabeth Leamy
  • Emmy winner Elisabeth Leamy
  • DrOz Correspondent Elisabeth Leamy
  • columnist Elisabeth Leamy
  • Keynote speaker Elisabeth Leamy
  • Keynoter Elisabeth Leamy
  • Media Relations Coach Elisabeth Leamy
  • Media Relations Consultant Elisabeth Leamy


  • Elisabeth Leamy of The Dr. Oz Show
  • Elisabeth Leamy of
  • Elisabeth Leamy of
  • Elisabeth Leamy, Author of “Save BIG”
  • Elisabeth Leamy, Author of “The Savvy Consumer”


As your “go to” money expert, my most in depth areas of expertise are how to save money and how to sidestep scams and ripoffs. I can also speak on real estate, investing, insurance, saving for college saving for retirement and so on. Here are some of the specific topics I can address. If you don’t see your subject here, ask me anyway. I aim to please!

  • Saving money and how to save BIG money.
  • Tips for saving money and ways to save BIG money
  • Saving money: How to sidestep scams and rip-offs
  • Consumer advocate: The importance of financial literacy
  • Personal finance —from saving to spending
  • Consumer advocate: How to choose a financial advisor
  • Consumer advocate: Guidance for selecting investments in your 401K
  • Consumer advocate: How to know whether you need life insurance
  • Saving money: What new parents need to know about taxes
  • Saving money: How to find the best rewards credit card for you
  • Consumer advocate: Is buying a home still the American dream?
  • Saving money: Strategies for negotiating a lower rent payment
  • Consumer advocate: Investment strategies for different life stages
  • Saving money: How to get out of credit card debt
  • Saving money: Ways to raise your credit score
  • Saving money: How to haggle for a car or other merchandise
  • Saving money: How and where to find YOUR unclaimed money
  • Consumer advocate: Keys to a good unclaimed money search
  • Consumer advocate: Unique ways to earn money
  • Making money from home
  • Save Big Money: The real way to become rich
  • Quiz: Can you pass the financial literacy test?
  • Creating a budget: how much to spend on what
  • Saving money by refinancing your mortgage
  • Should you try saving money by selling your home without an agent?
  • Saving money by contesting your property tax assessment
  • Saving money by buying a used car
  • Saving money by shopping around for car insurance
  • Saving money by canceling certain car insurance
  • Saving money: do you need life insurance or not?
  • Saving money: Don’t lease a car, but if you do, haggle.
  • Saving money: Protect and promote your credit score
  • Saving money: Get a security freeze on your credit reports to guard against identity theft
  • Saving money: Use your savings account to pay off credit card debt
  • Saving money: Try Rapid Rescoring to qualify for a lower mortgage rate
  • Saving money: Cancel cable, switch cell phone plans
  • Saving money: Stockpile groceries when they’re cheapest, not when you need them
  • cheapest, not when you need them Saving money: Never use a single coupon by itself
  • Saving money: Raise your health insurance deductible
  • Saving money: Negotiate with your doctor, hospital
  • Saving money: Ask for older, less expensive prescription meds.
  • Saving money: Try pill splitting or “pill growing” to save on prescriptions
  • Career success: 10 secrets to making it in a cut-throat field