Hire Elisabeth Leamy of Dr. Oz, ABC As Your Spokesperson

Broadcaster, Columnist Helps Quality Companies as their Brand Ambassador and Champion

Welcome! After 13 Emmys and 20 years on the air for shows like Good Morning America and Dr. Oz, I’m a familiar face and trusted source for your customers. If you have developed a product or service that truly enriches people’s lives, let’s talk. If you want multimedia personal finance programs tailored to your firm’s specific needs, let’s talk. If you need the perspective of a media expert who’s still a working TV journalist, let’s talk about:

  • Media Outreach
  • Satellite media tours
  • Online videos
  • One-on-one interviews
  • Social media chats/campaigns
  • Articles and E-books
  • Speaking engagements

Past Clients Include:

Client Testimonials:

“The best satellite media tour anyone has ever done for us.” Emily Collins, Citi

“We’re excited to share that the event hit a record number of in-person and live stream attendees.” Tiffany Briggs, Ketchum

“94% of the audience rated the speaker as very good to excellent…” George Zyrek, Mass Mutual

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What makes Elisabeth a sought-after brand ambassador?

My value to you is rooted in my 20 year broadcast career, in general, and my work on the consumer beat, in particular.

  • As your corporate spokesperson, my most helpful skill set is my comfort on camera, whether scripted or ad-libbing, as a host or a guest.
  • I am also an established social media presence, with roughly 26,000 Twitter followers and 11,000 Facebook fans, at last count.
  • I’ve written 2 personal finance books and hundreds of ABCNews.com columns, which gives me credibility with print reporters and the experience to write for you.
  • As a consumer watchdog, I am a subject matter expert on consumer affairs and personal finance issues.


How does Elisabeth come across as a brand ambassador?


Topic: “How To Save Money On Holiday Shopping”

Featuring: Two innovative financial products genuinely helpful to consumers.

Client Comment: “The best satellite media tour anyone has ever done for us. You hit all the key points and kept your energy up throughout all 26 appearances!”

In-studio Interviews

Topic: “How Today’s Teens are Different From Us”

Featuring: Messaging on behalf of Invisalign to let parents know that Invisalign clear aligners are approved and proven highly effective for use on teen teeth.

Host Comment: “What a clever way to get at this topic and showcase your client in the context of a genuinely newsworthy trend story about teenagers.”

LinkedIn CHAT:

Topic: Crushing the fear when it comes to your finances to have a healthier relationship with your money

Featuring: Questions and Answers with LinkedIn’s Professional Women’s Network, a group sponsored by the client

Client Comment: “Thanks for a great conversation...You genuinely provided helpful advice for users within the group.”



Topic: “How rewards sites can be combined with other savings strategies”

Featuring: Article written on behalf of the client to highlight some of the ways their service can be layered with other offers to help members save even bigger bucks!


What can Elisabeth Leamy do for our organization?

I love collaborating with clients to help them meet their goals. My role as your brand ambassador could include the following formats and more:


  • Satellite media tours
  • Online videos
  • Hosting televised discussions
  • Your own radio spots or shows
  • Sponsorship campaigns


  • Social media chats
  • Twitter campaigns
  • Sponsored blogs
  • Educational webinars


  • One-on-one interviews
  • Media outreach
  • Writing articles
  • Original E-books
  • Custom versions of my books


  • Speaking engagements
  • Moderating panels
  • Breakout sessions
  • Emceeing your event
  • Town hall meetings


What sets Elisabeth Leamy apart as a brand ambassador?

When we work together, I go above and beyond simply serving as “talent” or a subject matter expert and offer my insights as a media relations insider. After all, unlike many people doing this work, I am still a working TV broadcaster. Since I also work as a media relations coach and help companies craft their PR strategy, you get this knowledge-set at no extra charge.

I can tell you which sorts of reporters to pitch, how to approach them, what to say and which formats to suggest. My insights improve your chances of getting the free publicity you are after. After 20 years as a journalist, I also have hundreds of media contacts of my own, who I can tap, when appropriate.

For more information on my separate consulting services as a media relations expert, please visit the Elisabeth Leamy Consulting Page.


How much does Elisabeth Leamy charge to be a brand ambassador?

My fees vary widely, depending on what services you need. Clients often expand or contract their list of projects to find the right fit for their budget. To get detailed fee information, please contact: agent Adam Kirschner at Adam@ALKTalent.com


How does Elisabeth Leamy approach third party expert work?

I’m choosy about what companies and causes I will work with, but from time to time, I partner with worthy companies and organizations that are doing good things for consumers. If I am genuinely enthusiastic about your products or services, I will help you get the word out. How do I choose? Some companies have made an admirable commitment to consumer education. Some have developed products that help consumers solve tricky problems. Others have opened up a dialogue about thorny issues consumers care about.

I’m picky. Before I work with a company as its corporate spokesperson, I check it out to make sure it’s truly consumer-friendly. I’m transparent. While I’m working with a company, I clearly disclose my ties. And I’m ethical. After working with a company, I recuse myself from doing stories about that company if I could be perceived to have a bias.

If a company passes all of my tests, I have served as both a video spokesperson and corporate host. I’ve engaged in satellite media tours, webinars and town hall meetings.

As a finance expert, I have developed programs for companies that want to teach their customers how to manage their money better. As a media relations expert, I have helped corporations understand how newsrooms work and plan big announcements accordingly. And as a consumer advocate, I have helped spread the word about product innovations we can all benefit from.

When I work as your spokesperson, I lend you my own impeccable reputation —and I take good care of yours as well. We will work together to make sure our relationship is appropriately disclosed, to meet FTC guidelines, and our own standards.


Here is a longer list of places I’ve been featured

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To make sure we’re on the same page, I have also heard this kind of work described as:

  • Spokesperson
  • Brand ambassador
  • Corporate spokesperson
  • Corporate host
  • Video spokesperson
  • Company spokesperson
  • Expert spokesperson
  • Celebrity spokesperson
  • Spokeswoman
  • Brand ambassador
  • Video host
  • Subject matter expert
  • Brand journalism
  • Brand work

So you can call me:

  • Spokesperson Elisabeth Leamy
  • Corporate spokesperson Elisabeth Leamy
  • Corporate host Elisabeth Leamy
  • Video spokesperson Elisabeth Leamy
  • Brand ambassador Elisabeth Leamy
  • Subject matter expert Elisabeth Leamy
  • Video host Elisabeth Leamy
  • Company spokesperson Elisabeth Leamy
  • Expert spokesperson Elisabeth Leamy
  • Celebrity spokesperson Elisabeth Leamy


How can I help YOU?

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