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Broadcaster, Columnist Shares Insider Info in Motivational and Informative Speeches

Welcome! After 20 years of speaking into a camera to millions, I love speaking to live audiences of thousands. Want to know how to get free publicity from the news media? Curious how lessons learned in this cut-throat career can help you in your field? Interested in an Emmy-winning consumer reporter’s own money-saving secrets? Allow me. I cover all of this —using eye-popping video clips and zany behind-the-scenes anecdotes— in my popular presentations. Hire me for a motivational speech or informative speech including:

  • ”Razzle Dazzle: How To Pitch So the Media Pays Attention.”
  • ”Lights, Camera, Action: 10 Secrets of Career Success.”
  • ”How to Save BIG Bucks Instead of Giving Up Life's Little Pleasures.”
  • ”How and Where To Find YOUR Unclaimed Money!”

Past Clients Include:

Client Testimonials:

“Radiant! A huge draw, empowering a captivated audience.” Todd Mark, Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Dallas

“11++ out of 10! A wonderful presenter. Great way to end the conference! Nicole Harris, National Glass Association

“Exceptional...high energy, engaging and spot on.” Lynn Heider, Northwest Credit Union Assoc.

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What Is Elisabeth’s Inspiration and Expertise for Her Talks?

As a keynoter, whether delivering motivational speeches or an informative speech, all of my presentations spring from my 20 year, 13-Emmy career as a broadcaster.

  • Career Success: In my main motivational talk I share career secrets that can help anyone survive and thrive at work. I feel privileged to have made it in television news, a challenging, even grueling field.
  • Media Relations: I offer an informative speech about how to get the media to tell your story, since, in the course of my career, I’ve worked for every major news network, becoming a media relations expert along the way.
  • Saving Money: And finally, because I work the consumer beat, I’m a money saving expert and have worked up several intriguing personal finance talks based on that knowledge.

I can also customize a presentation just for your group. All you have to do is ask about Elisabeth Leamy's speeches.


What does Elisabeth speak on and what will your audience learn?


In this motivational speech, Elisabeth tells behind-the-scenes stories about how she made it as a national broadcaster and derives lessons from them that can improve any career. Hear how Diane Sawyer used to call her at 4am —when Elisabeth was still half naked— and demand script changes. Find out why Elisabeth’s career changed when she let a cameraman shoot a closeup of a sweat ball dripping off of her nose. Sweat along with Elisabeth as she re-lives the stress of sneaking into businesses with a hidden camera. Picture her most embarrassing moment, when a goat ate a hole in her dress on live TV! And find out what it took to prepare to interview the President of the United States one-one-one —and the embarrassing thing she said to him just before the interview. Yes, oddly enough, these wild and wonderful stories apply to YOU.

Lessons Learned:

  1. Make yourself indispensable —how, why and what this means
  2. Make all of your work good, many projects better and conserve your energy to make a few projects the very best
  3. Come to work armed with strong, creative ideas of your own to avoid trivial, boring assignments from other people
  4. It's not about what you want. It's about what you want to contribute —to your field and the world.
  5. ...and 6 more key career takeaways.

Typical Format: Humorous, motivational keynote. This motivational speech can also be adapted to cover “10 Secrets of Business Success.”

Participant Feedback:

“11 out of 10! A wonderful, fun driver and presenter. Great way to end the conference!”

Nicole Harris, National Glass Association

“Fantastic! Funny and down to earth. Smart and clearly very good at understanding the audience.”

Leah Thayer, National Business Officers Association

“Elisabeth is energetic, great at humorous ad-libs, and thoughtful in her approach to making her life lessons relevant to anyone in any profession.”

Carla Kalogeridis, ARION Media

“Engaging, self-deprecating, eloquent...approachable and one of us.”

Patricia Fitzgerald, School Nutrition Association

Career Success: Networking with strangers

Career Success: Creative job hunting



In this informative speech, Elisabeth uses her insider knowledge as a working broadcaster and columnist to help companies earn positive press about their goods and services.She receives hundreds of pitches per week herself —many of them awful —and TELLS the audience why she takes some and not others. Elisabeth demystifies what reporters want and how to approach them, using her "10 R's" of Media Strategy.

Lessons Learned:

  1. How to find the RIGHT reporter to pitch
  2. The RIGHT way to approach that reporter
  3. The importance of providing REAL people for the reporter to interview
  4. Case studies of the only 19 "RAZZLE DAZZLE" pitches Leamy actually put on the air in 8 years at Good Morning America.
  5. Plus 6 other key takeaways.

Typical Format: Breakout session for a general conference or keynote for a public or media relations conference. This talk can also be expanded into a full-fledged training, by adding a module on how to minimize negative publicity.

Participant Feedback:

“Exceptional...high energy, engaging and spot on.”

Lynn Heider Northwest Credit Union Assoc.

“By far the most useful media relations workshop that I have ever participated in.”

Jeff Olson Credit Union Assoc. Dakotas

Media Relations: The importance of recruiting real people

Media Relations: You can save reporters from embarrassing moments



Elisabeth wrote the critically acclaimed personal finance book "Save BIG: Cut Your Top 5 Costs and Save Thousands" about ways to save large chunks of money instead of worrying about every little latte. Then, while at Good Morning America, she conducted on-air "Savings Makeovers" using the strategies in the book that saved families hundreds of thousands of dollars. In this informative speech, Elisabeth shows some of those exciting money makeovers, then lays out exactly how to achieve the savings in them.Each money-saving tip can net your audience at least a thousand dollars. Smaller ways to save money didn’t make the cut!

Lessons Learned:

  1. Saving money: The website that analyzes your cell phone bills for you and tells you whether you should switch providers/plans
  2. Saving money: It’s sometimes less expensive to buy private, individual health insurance than participate in an employer’s group plan
  3. Saving money: How prepaying your mortgage can save you tens of thousands and cut years off your loan
  4. Saving money: How to get $17,500 in student loans forgiven
  5. Saving money: You can refinance your car loan and save thousands!
  6. Saving money: Shop around for elective medical procedures like colonoscopies because prices vary as much as $4,000!
  7. Saving money: How an Adjustable Rate Mortgage might NOT be high risk and could save you $50,000 .
  8. Plus several other concrete takeaways about ways to save money.

Typical Format: This works as a breakout session for companies/employers wanting to help their customers/employees manage their money better. It can also be a motivational speech at a financial conference attended by professionals who are in a position to help people save money. Elisabeth can make her book, Save BIG, available at a discount in conjunction with this talk.

Participant Feedback:

“Radiant -and a huge draw- empowering a captivated audience.”

Todd Mark, VP, Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Dallas

“A Excellent! I love your energy, passion and engagement!”

Jeremiah DeGollon Summit Credit Union, Wisconsin

Elisabeth Leamy’s Savings Makeover Saves Virginia Family $188,852

Elisabeth Leamy’s Savings Makeover Saves New Jersey Family $108,602


Elisabeth became an expert on finding families' unclaimed property, while doing a series at Good Morning America called "Show Me the Money," in which she reunited viewers with nearly $2 million of missing money, one unclaimed money search at a time.Unclaimed property is YOUR money that's been lost, such as forgotten apartment security deposits, lost stock dividends, final paychecks that were never picked up and so on.Approximately 1 out of every 10 of us has unclaimed property out there waiting to be claimed! Elisabeth encourages the audience to search during this informative speech and GUARANTEES that in any decent-sized audience, some people will stand up and shout "I found something!" This hands on missing money speech and search is an unusual, upbeat program that will have your conference attendees talking and tweeting!

Lessons Learned:

  1. The two free websites where you can search nationwide for unclaimed money in your family’s name.
  2. How to avoid pay-sites that charge a fee or take a cut of your money
  3. Where and how to look for lost savings bonds that belong to you or your ancestors.
  4. The tricks you need to know if you don’t find unclaimed money for yourself at first.
  5. Unusual sources of unclaimed money that most people don’t check.
  6. And 5 other key takeaways.

Typical Format: This is a TOTALLY hands-on, interactive program that can be an unorthodox keynote or an informative breakout. We can also set up an "Unclaimed Money Booth" with staff available to search the unclaimed money databases FOR people. Always a huge hit!(Requires a laptop and Wifi)

Participant Feedback:

$108, 997 found:
“We’re very very grateful. There are so many things we’ll be able to do with this. So thank you so much. We certainly appreciate it.”

Drake Bassett, CEO, Palmer House for Children

$31,821 found:
"Oh my god. Oh my god! Look at that! You're kidding me! I never thought it. Never in a million years!”

Tami Schwarz, Ohio

Elisabeth Leamy finds $14,876 in Unclaimed Money for West Virginia Family

Elisabeth Leamy finds Unclaimed Money for 7 out of 25 New Yorkers


Elisabeth has been asked to deliver this talk in states that have passed a high school personal finance requirement in order to graduate. She confesses her own financial blunders in hilarious detail --bouncing checks, credit card debt and more-- as a way of showing that there's hope for anybody! After all, Elisabeth now gives money advice on national TV and is hired by companies like Mass Mutual and Citi to serve as a personal finance expert. After thoroughly embarrassing her former self, Elisabeth lays out the 10 bedrock principles she believes people need to know in order to manage their money wisely.

Lessons Learned:

  1. Protect and promote your credit score —how and why you should work to raise your score.
  2. Be the hunter, not the hunted in consumer transactions
  3. Have part of your paycheck automatically deposited in a savings or investment account
  4. Learn to save BIG bucks instead of giving up life’s little pleasures
  5. Delay taking social security if you come from a long-lived family to get bigger payouts
  6. And 5 other key takeaways.

Typical Format: Elisabeth can deliver this as a motivational speech to personal finance educators to get them fired up about all they have to share with their students or can present it as an informative speech for individual consumers who need this money knowledge themselves.

Participant Feedback:

“Uplifting, entertaining and enlightening.”

Catherine Milone, President, Junior Achievement, New Jersey

Financial Literacy: Digging Out of Debt

Financial Literacy: The importance of it


Information You Need Before Hiring Elisabeth

If you are interested in hiring me as your guest speaker, I am equally comfortable as a keynote speaker to deliver motivational talks or presenting an informative speech for a breakout session. Or... I’ll do both for a discounted fee. If I’m taking the time to travel to your conference, I’m happy to deliver two talks for one fee. (Hey, as a money saving expert, “saving money” is my middle name. Why not share the wealth?)

Speaking Formats

After 20 years of improvising on live television, I am comfortable in any format, including:

  • Keynote
  • Breakout
  • Training
  • Emcee
  • Moderator
  • Panelist

Speaking Fees

Please contact me if you would like to inquire about my speaking fees for a motivational talk or an informative speech. Clients tell me I’m “affordable,” so get me while I am! I travel coach class from Washington, DC.

Speaking Enhancements:

I offer clients an “a la carte menu” of additional options when they book me for a speaking engagement, so you can choose the services you need.

  • Customization: I can pre-interview key players by phone to learn their specific needs and tailor my motivational speech or informative speech accordingly
  • Videos: I will preview my guest speaker appearance in brief videos you can email to attendees to encourage them to register for your event.
  • Webinars: I can preview my informative speech or recap an abbreviated version with a broader audience of those back home who could not attend the event.
  • Panelist: I am always happy to moderate or serve on a panel in addition to being your keynoter or breakout session speaker.
  • Moderator: I am an experienced moderator —for panels or full fledged town hall meetings— who makes sure that all voices are heard.
  • Emcee: Some organizations have asked me to emcee an award ceremony for the glitz of having an outsider as master of ceremonies. I will personalize your provided script.
  • Book signings: My book, SAVE BIG, is available at a low group rate to sell as a fundraiser or to give to attendees and I am happy to sign books after my talk.
  • Tip Sheets: I summarize the takeaways from my speech —and I always strive to include bonus material I didn’t cover in the motivational speech or informative speech itself.


Information You Need After Hiring Elisabeth

As your guest speaker, here are my needs when I speak to your group:

  • Lavalier microphone
  • Podium
  • Power Point screen
  • Audio and video capability
  • I bring my own Mac laptop (and converter cord) to play my Keynote slides
  • Sound check 1 hours prior (to verify Mac compatibility)
  • I provide a customized description for you to introduce me
  • I bring my own Feedback forms for the audience to fill out and share the results.

Speaking Materials:

Download Elisabeth Leamy’s Speaking Headshot (181kb)

Download Elisabeth Leamy’s Speaking Bio (483kb)

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More client feedback about Elisabeth Leamy

"Elisabeth captured the hearts and minds of all attendees at The Women’s Center’s Annual Leadership Conference. The combination of her stories, humor and professional presence inspired the audience to take their leadership to the next level --all resulting in a tremendous keynote."

Rebecca Shambaugh, President at SHAMBAUGH Leadership

"Elisabeth was radiant – and a huge draw – as the keynote at our annual fundraiser Purses With a Purpose. She intertwined critical financial lessons with amazing videos and hysterical personal stories, empowering a captivated audience. Each attendee was inspired to DREAM Big"

Todd Mark, Vice President at Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Greater Dallas

"Elisabeth spoke for the 2011 Massachusetts Conference for Women in Boston. She was an absolute pleasure to work with before the event, engaging fully in all available opportunities to reach attendees and to share her SAVE BIG message. Onsite, she was both warm and professional, providing content to our attendees that they could easily implement into their lives."

Danielle Leshinski, Program Coordinator at Massachusetts Conference for Women

"During the NJ Statewide Financial Literacy Summit, Elisabeth turned a complex & intimidating topic into an uplifting, entertaining and enlightening keynote address. Elisabeth presented a serious theme in a manner that was both humorous and entertaining, with focus, energy & sincerity. And she did it with absolute style and grace.”

Catherine Milone, President at Junior Achievement of New Jersey

"You hear a lot of smart people talk, but you don't always comprehend what they're telling you. Elisabeth Leamy speaks in a language you understand, complete with stories to bring alive her strategies. She will save you time, money or heartache... sometimes all three!"

Diane Roberts, President at Diane’s Talking


Someday I may specialize more in my speaking career, but for now I enjoy being many things to many people. You can call me:

  • Elisabeth Leamy Keynote speaker
  • Elisabeth Leamy Keynoter
  • Elisabeth Leamy Motivational speaker
  • Elisabeth Leamy Inspirational speaker
  • Elisabeth Leamy Informative speaker
  • Elisabeth Leamy Guest speaker
  • Elisabeth Leamy Marketing speaker
  • Elisabeth Leamy Communication speaker
  • Elisabeth Leamy Media Relations speaker
  • Elsiabeth Leamy Media Training speaker
  • Elisabeth Leamy Career success speaker
  • Elisabeth Leamy Business success speaker
  • Elisabeth Leamy Financial speaker
  • Elisabeth Leamy Personal Finance Speaker
  • Elisabeth Leamy Money speaker
  • Elisabeth Leamy Master of Ceremonies
  • Elisabeth Leamy Emcee
I offer...
  • Keynote speech
  • Motivational speech
  • Inspirational speech
  • Informative speech
  • Informative speech
  • Communication speech
  • Media relations speech
  • Media strategy speech
  • Media training speech
  • Career success speech
  • Business success speech
  • Financial speech
  • Personal finance speech
  • Money speech


How can I help YOU?

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