Posted by Elisabeth Leamy, Fri Jun 05 2015, 03:30PM

Money-Saving Tips: What's the Best Time To Shop?

Did you know that timing your shopping can help you bag a bargain?  I’ve preached this sermon before when it comes to the time of year to get certain products cheap.  And now one of my savings- blogging brethren has done the same thing for days of the week.

For those who missed the memo on times of the year, you should know that entire categories of products typically go on special the same months of the year, every year.  If you plan ahead, you can stock up at a deep discount.  Did you know Quaker puts its products on sale in January? Or that Prego and Ragu have sauce wars in September?  If that whet your appetite, here are the seasonal sales coming up this summer:


Building materials



Ice Cream/Yogurt














Fresh fruits and vegetables


School supplies


Consumer Reports offers a similar monthly guide for when best to buy bigger ticket items.  But I had never seen anybody time bargains down to the day of the week before.  Author Kyle James of recently tracked which days are best to shop on the websites of 20 popular retailers.  James tells me, “I tracked the day when coupons are most likely released, and when they add new items to their online clearance section.” Using those and other criteria, he came up with his recommendations.  Here are the most popular retailers from his findings:

Sunday: Michaels

Monday: Barnes and Noble

Tuesday: The Gap

Wednesday: Home Depot

Thursday: Old Navy

Friday: Best Buy

Saturday: Target

Again, these recommendations are for the store’s websites.  I’d love to see someone do the same for their brick and mortar stores, but I suspect it would be a lot more complicated, since there could be regional or even store-by-store variations.  To see the rest of James’s when-to-shop recommendations, you can read his chart here.  James says he plans to add to the grid as he makes new discoveries, so check back or write in with your own.  Happy (timed) shopping!